Playing with my n800

on Monday, February 05, 2007

I'm happily playing with my new Nokia n800 - affectionately named, by me, "Transistor". It's a slick little thing (well, no so little, but then again, it's mostly screen), but I think someone got sold that transistor radio designs from the 60s are all the rage. The n800 even has the traditional dotted grid. I mean, just look!

Coincidence? I think not!

But once I started tinkering with it, I forgot all about that :)

I'm tapping away at it's settings and installing stuff just to see what it can do. And since I predict a future where my little Transistor will bork dramatically for some reason, I'll just leave a note to self here when I need to reflash the thing.

Reflashing the n800 - How-to

And if it gets stuck in a reboot loop:

./flasher --set-rd-flags=no-lifeguard-reset
./flasher --clear-rd-flags=no-lifeguard-reset --disable-rd-mode

Linky: [maemo-users] N800 Refuses to Boot

Picture one from might make a better match for the n800, but I thought the twin pics funnier :p

Picture two from


Georgios Kasselakis said...

This device gets so many raving reviews it feels like it's made from apple...

IS there any chance that it may run mono ? Would it host regular gtk# apps (if so would they look sleek or crappy) or should there be bindings for it's native toolkit ?

Oh and I also read too many variations on battery life. Just how long can the user blissfully browse content using rogue wifi while being stuck in traffic ?

Unknown said...

There is a mono package available for n800 from the mono repository. Everaldo Canuto is the maintainer, you can find his blog here , and the packages are available on:

deb bora user

So you can have all the mono/gtk# fun you want on it :)

The battery runs an amazingly long time, especially because it dims the display / puts the device on standby whenever it can. I haven't done a formal test, but it can last a few days with some use. It's a really nice toy :)