Gtk# on Windows - now with more Tomboy flavour!

on Thursday, April 23, 2009
If anyone missed it, a new shiny Gtk# 2.12.8 installer for Windows is available. As Miguel noted yesterday, it's a nice small package with the full stack so you have everything you need to develop in an awesome cross-platform way.

And speaking of cross-platform development, in case you missed that one as well, a new version of Tomboy is out now, with full Windows and Mac OSX support, for your note-taking pleasure! I've been using Tomboy forever, and it's one of those little apps that you just can't go without once you have it!

Google Summer of Code with Mono!

on Wednesday, April 01, 2009
Calling all students!

Google Summer of Code is here, and this is the week where you do your proposals to spend the next few months working on awesome projects on Mono!

Our ideas page is here, and the soc page is here. There is a #monosoc channel on dedicated to everything Soc, do don't delay, do it now!