Some busy days ahead

Publish date: October 24, 2008
Tags: mono open source

As Mono 2.0.1 is rolling out, I’ll be having a few busy days ahead talking about it.

First, at ENEI'08 in Aveiro this sunday October 26, where I’ll be doing a presentation on Mono and integrating a roundtable on mobility and convergence.

On November 8th, it’s back to Aveiro for the GLUA TechSessions, where besides me talking about Mono, there’s going to be talks about Gnome, WebKit and much more.

This one is organized by the excellent guys at the University of Aveiro’s Linux user group, which brought you such great hits as the OpenSuse meetup last September. That one went so well that they decided they just had to organize something more technical this time around - apparently, me talking for more than an hour last time was not enough :)

Finally, on November 13 it’s time for Codebits in Lisbon and another Mono talk by yours truly. This is the second year of this event, a sort of 3-day hackday with talks and competitions and a chance to network, always fun.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve gotta go make sure the laptop actually works with a projector…